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TomaszAlexandria, VA12/17/2002
Hi Angela, just a note to let you know I was here.
William MaschekEl Paso, Texas, USA05/13/2002
Congratulations DUDE! I guess I'm kinda late but I'm still impressed ya'll finally settled down! I'm very happy fer the both of ya! Best of LUCK!
ShepAlexandria, VA01/04/2002
I'm very happy for the both of youes. But you know, just printing the wedding photos leads to problems, so you have to webify them? You are askin for it! (almost 24 years and the negatives are still locked safely away).
Booger DeeAlexandria, VA, USA12/18/2001
The jigs up Walt. Everyone in PERSCOM knows about this now. Good pictures.
Nancy and Howard AnsticeFairfax, VA08/14/2001
Many years of happiness to the three of you. It looks like it was a beautiful wedding.
Bill EHerndon, VA07/27/2001
Looks like a great day! Congrats.
Fr. TaylorArlington, USA07/04/2001
This is great! Thanks for the Palm set-up. Hope all is well. Hopefully I will talk to you soon. Many happy years with God's blessing.
Josh DavisVA, USA02/18/2001
great job. Wow Walt I didn't know that seeing u in a tux made a lot of people just wow!?!Any way... Great wedding enjoyed it.
love Josh
Claudia RohardtFairfax, VA01/30/2001
Congratulations Angela and Walter!!! It's about time!
You both look great and really happy....and Walter in a
suit?!!! Best wishes to the both of you and Michael too.
You make a wonderful family! Thanks for sharing your special
day with this online wedding album. Hope to see you soon!

Again, Congratulations!
Benedetto ForlniAQUINO (FR), ITALY01/28/2001
Congratulation for your wedding!!! We saw it on web. Thanks for your wedding's pictures. We hope to see you soon in Italy!!
KatrinaWaldorf, MD01/01/2001
Hey! Katrina here. Thought I would view your wedding Book! High Tech but kind of dorky, don't you think? Just kidding! HA HE HOo. Anyways congratulations and I wish you both the best. Oh and have a happy New Year! Love, Katrina and Melissa oh and Coleman. (Hi Michael!)
Christine M. ForliniRhode Island12/26/2000
Wasn't sure if it had happened yet, so I guess it did! Great for you two, and Michael too! Enjoy every second!
Cousin Christine xoxo
Joe WierzbowskiRochester, New York12/26/2000
Angela and Walter, Congratulations! Thanks for think of us a Christmas, we wish you and your family(s) a great New Year! and you two(3) a long and happy marriage!
Francisco & Maria Elizabeth GarciaNext Door12/21/2000
Walter in a suit! I was almost expecting a Fiat or Alfa-Romeo team jacket, or something like that. :-)

Seriously, you all looked great. All the best to you.
Mike VibostakPittsburgh,Pa, USA12/02/2000
hi, aunt angela and uncle walter! I love you both very much!
I miss you both and i also miss Mike!I will see you both at Christmas! well love you bye!
From mike
P.S. your wedding was very pretty!
Nancy BrionesPittsburgh, PA11/18/2000
Beth said I had to sign this, but when I tried, I submitted the form before it was fully completed. Duhhhh. Anyway, I can truly say that I've never seen Angela as happy as on your wedding day. Hope that happiness lasts forever....
Beth VibostakPittsburgh, Usa11/18/2000
I thought that the wedding was very pretty and that you both looked very nice and that I have enjoyed your website very much! I love you both!
Moni CastellanoCentreville, VA, USA11/17/2000
It's about time. Congratulations to the both of you!
Aunt Monica leePort Vue, Pa11/09/2000
Dear Angela and Walter,
What a terrific album! It was a beautiful wedding and you all looked great!I may be just a little predjudiced but Angela your dress and veil were perfect. Someday maybe I'll get a chance to meet the lucky man who captured your heart!
Love to all,
Aunt Monica Lee

Congratulations and best wishes to all of you.
Kathy and Gene EslingerRotonda West, FL11/07/2000
Congratulations! You both deserve the very best. Happy sailing to the Forlini family.
Tommy HickmanGlassport, PA11/05/2000
Linda L. HickmanGlassport, PA11/05/2000
I'm very seldom at a loss for words; but I'm having trouble summing this up. May you both share together what you give to others - yourselves. You've touched so many lives and are loved because of it. I'm so proud and glad I was a part of this very special time for Angela, Walter and Michael. Your sister, Lin
Anna MaryePittsburgh, Pa11/05/2000
I really enjoyed the web site. It brought back memories of what a great day it was ( and how long we all waited for it)
Congratulations once again and love to you all.

Your 'Big Sis'
Wendy and Paul WierzbowskiFort Wayne, IN11/03/2000
Congratulations to you both! I really wish we could have been there on your special day. Please know, you were in our thoughts and prayers. I loved the pictures!
Sincerely, Wendy and Paul
Big BrotherAtlanta, GA11/02/2000
You know this path you have taken toward being a respectable and responsible member of socieity is taking all of the fun out of picking on you guys. Especially you little sister. The photos and everyone look great, even for a MAC, wish I could have been there. Hey I finally got to see what MA and PA look like. Not to many people have a forty year old son they have never seen :-) best wishes to the new family,

Gi. Gi. KnoellTyson's Corner, VA11/02/2000
Great wedding album! You all look wonderful!
I can't believe you all finally are married - this is fan-tastic!
You three are a fine looking family. I can see your happiness/love in your eyes.
This is terrific! I can't get over how good you all look!
Laura Keiner11/01/2000
Thank you so much for sharing your special day! You both looked fabulous. Congratulations and best wishes.
Mariana SchiffBowie, MD11/01/2000
Congratulations! I was very happy to hear the good news. Angela looks fabulous! My favorite picture was the one of the three of you together. What a wonderful family! I wish you all the best. Live long and prosper.
Hal @ Judy11/01/2000
Congratulations:The pictures were lovely. Angela is a beautiful bride. Congratulations again to all of you
Vince GiustoFairfax, VA10/31/2000
Congratulations to you both. May you enjoy a long life rich with love, laughter and happiness.
Faheem SyedSpringfield, VA 22150, USA10/31/2000
Wishing you both a very happy and successful married life.
Ron KeyserBurke, VA10/31/2000
What wonderful news! Congratulations to all THREE of you. May your wildest dreams be the least of your accomplishments.
Jamie WalkerFairfax Station, Virginia10/31/2000
All the best to you both! Congratulations.
Tracy KimHonolulu, HI, Yes, Hawaii is a part of the United States10/27/2000
Angela & Walter,
Congratulations to both of you.
Dave BirdWoodbridge VA10/27/2000
Congratulations, may love and happiness fill your hearts.
Edith BornFalls Church, VA10/27/2000
Walter, you finally did it!!! I am so happy! Congratulations
to both of you! Best wishes and happiness in your new life
together. The pictures were lovely. Angela is a beautiful
bride but I think I need to talk to Walter about the shirt that
he was wearing while cutting the cake. Was that an Apple
Dave FieldsHuachuca City, AZ, U. S. A.10/27/2000
I never thought I would see the day. But I can see it was a great one for you both. I really do wish I could have been there. May your lives be filled with happiness and many blessings.

Walter, now you will have to cut down on a few of those things that keep you so busy... :-).

Angela, I haven't met you, yet, one of these days I hope we can. You have a pretty good guy there in Walter. :-)..

Both of you and your son also, God Bless and keep you in all things you endevor to do.

Ann RichardsonGainesville, VA10/27/2000
I wish you both much happiness in your life together.
I love your online wedding album . . . Thanks for sharing!
David Hill10/27/2000
You both have been blessed in so many ways! May the Lord continue to strengthen your love as you grow together!!
Mary DaubenspeckFairfax, VA, USA10/27/2000
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